Welcome to GlasgowWriters.com

More Paisley Review than Paris Review, GlasgowWriters.com is a new website featuring contemporary writers living and working in the city of Glasgow.

The site kicks off with in-depth video interviews with three of Glasgow’s most interesting writers:

  • Anne Donovan, author of Hieroglyphics And Other Stories, the Orange Prize-listed novel, Buddha Da and forthcoming Being Emily
  • Louise Welsh, the award-winning author of The Cutting Room, Tamburlaine Must Die and The Bullet Trick
  • Rodge Glass, author of the novels No Fireworks and the forthcoming Hope for Newborns as well as the much awaited Alasdair Gray: A Secretary’s Biography

In addition to the interviews, the site also includes the authors reading from their most recent work.

Please let us know what you think of the site by leaving comments in the appropriate places.

And finally, although some computers will be fine, because I’ve not been using professional-standard equipment, I’d advise you to use amplified computer speakers or headphones if you can. The audio on future interviews will be better… promise!

Adrian Searle


One response to “Welcome to GlasgowWriters.com

  1. Just wanted to say what a brilliant site this is. As a new Glasgow writer myself it’s amazing being able to see Anne Donovan, Louise Welsh and Alasdair Gray’s biographer amongst other things, Rodge Glass, share their stories on their work and the writing process.

    Whose coming next Adrian? Alan Bissett, Laura Hird, Jaqmes Kelman, Alasdair Gray? Not necessarily glaswegian but still hold a place in Glasgow’s heart. Get it done son!

    I hope others find this site because it’d be a travesty if it sits slumped in the arse end of cyberspace.

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